The mental effects of bullying

In 2017, a woman committed suicide by throwing herself in front of oncoming traffic and one of the reasons was cyber bullying. She had been mocked and ridiculed after she asked advise from a famous Facebook group in Kenya. In 2019, a 14 year old girl killed herself after she was bullied by a teacher for being on her period. The ridicule and shame contributed greatly to her death.

Sex education or no?

African parents are the worst. They will give you life and all the while, threaten you heavily of how they will take you out. They are known to manipulate, exaggerate and magnify a situation. Woe unto you if you once tried to block a slap or beating, you will be accused of attempted murder and … Continue reading Sex education or no?

To vaccinate or not?

As a parent, you probably got to learn about vaccines when you were pregnant and after the birth of your child. In Kenya, all children must be immunized to prevent diseases. Due to this, there has been a long-standing debate on how safe and necessary they are. Many issues like beliefs and culture, religion and … Continue reading To vaccinate or not?


(Haven't read parts 1 and 2? Catch them here! SINFUL LOVE- PART 1 and SINFUL LOVE- PART2) Richie was a manager at Jikuze Brokerage Firm, a big financial institution that mainly dealt with stock trading. He had climbed up the ranks quickly due to his sharp mind and skillful methods. He started as a salesperson … Continue reading SINFUL LOVE- PART 3

My first time!

They say there’s always a first time for everything! Well, do you remember your ‘firsts’? While answering these questions, I realized that I have had a pretty normal, boring life. No pizzazz or drama. So I asked the same questions to bossman, my SO, and his answers were funny, over-the-top, and definitely more interesting. (Catch … Continue reading My first time!

Forgive and Forget

For the last couple of weeks, I have struggled with writer's block. Can’t really wrap my head around what’s going on really.  So today I was going through some work I had written a while back to see if I could get some motivation and get me going and I found this, dated February 20th, … Continue reading Forgive and Forget

Dandora L.O.V.E

Wamlambezz?  (I hope you’ve answered accordingly!!)Hehe. Mbogi ya kimonyoski, fine yengs anga sijui nini, that’s the latest sheng from the hood my friends, thanks to the likes of kina Kartelo and Ethic. I absolutely love the language and culture up in the hoods.  You see, the hood is vibrant, full of ghetto principles, crazily amazing … Continue reading Dandora L.O.V.E

Dear Nduta,…

14 years ago today, the cold, icy hands of death snatched your beautiful soul away from us. It was a day I would never forget. I write to you today with a heavy but grateful heart for the awesome years you graced our lives with. You were the most lovely, politest and affectionate human being … Continue reading Dear Nduta,…

On a side note…

When I recently talked about depression, I never knew I could have an effect on anyone. I just thought it was a therapeutic way for me to let go and maybe make it up to those I may have been a shitty friend to during that despairing period. So you can imagine the shock when … Continue reading On a side note…

Pick yourself up!

Ever had moments where you entirely lost faith in yourself? Where you felt that you were not worthy? You go to a dark cold place where you just give in and give up? Well, I have been there, I have lived that life. It’s an exhausting, heart wrenching, pissing ordeal that consumes you and you … Continue reading Pick yourself up!

Back at it

Well as they say, better late than never! It’s been 4 years since I sat down and actually wrote anything, (took me a moment to actually remember my word press password) 4 years of life, bittersweet life. 4 years of pain and heartache. 4 years of anger and bitterness. 4 years of darkness and sadness. … Continue reading Back at it


I met him 8 years ago at University in a sleepy village in Uganda. He was charming, good looking and had an incredible sense of humor!! I love a man who makes me laugh!! At first, it was just the usual casual dating thing that happens in school, but later, quicker, it grew to a … Continue reading Him…

It finally hit home

Riding back home from school in my favorite matatus, ROG, is always refreshing. The music, always entertaining! Gospel hit after hit. What better way to unwind and feel rejuvenated after a long day. So recently, I’m on our way home and the gospel mix playing was just what I needed to pass time in the … Continue reading It finally hit home

Love vs Happiness

Many are the times I often wonder what I really need in my life. Is it love? Is it happiness? BOTH you might say. But what makes me? Happiness makes me. I believe that love is essential for all beings and without it, existence would not make sense.  But I also believe that happiness can … Continue reading Love vs Happiness

The Beginning…

I have always loved the thought of writing but never really gotten around to do it. I have always loved the thought of a life full of joy, laughter and most importantly, happiness. I have always loved the thought of a world full of love, peace and... chocolate!!! Well, that's just me. Might sound impossible … Continue reading The Beginning…